What my clients have to say…

Lindsay was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and in supplementation and was extremely generous with her time.

I’ve been on a journey to health for many, many years – she had information I hadn’t yet come across AND her recipes are delicious. She was able to meet me exactly where I was in any given week and provided tender yet direct guidance.

I have struggled with sleep for much of my life and I can honestly say, for the first time in 40 years, I am now sleeping deeply and through the night! I am so excited to see how my life will transform from here and owe much of this to Lindsay’s advice. Thank you so much Lindsay!

— Laura

After years of seeing all sorts of specialists (doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists) that could not seem to REALLY help me for Mold Related Illness/MCAS I found Lindsay and boy was that a life saver!

By this time I was unable to eat most foods without terrible pain in my stomach and I had become so sensitive to everything that starting any kind of medicine or supplement would make me even sicker. I had lost a lot of weight and I was getting scared that if this went on much longer my health would start to decline more rapidly.

Lindsay took all of this into consideration and started me very slowly on both food and supplements. At the same time she made sure I was doing a “brain retraining” program (I chose DNRS) to rewire my system mentally and help with my extreme sensitivity. It took a few weeks, but slowly I started to feel a little better! I was able to get on all the supplements she recommended and I began to eat more and more foods with little to no pain!
I am happy to say I have stopped losing weight and I feel A LOT better a lot of the time! Lindsay has restored both my health and my hope!

— Rachel

Lindsay’s knowledge, experience, professionalism, approachability, and efficiency have made her my trusted go-to Functional Nutritionist. Lindsay’s carefully crafted treatment and supplement protocols, as well as her focus on addressing root causes, have greatly supported me on my journey of resolving a very persistent case of SIBO-C in my two-year-old son. Before working with Lindsay, we were turned away by several providers who did not see children that were so young. Lindsay confidently took us on and has helped guide interventions which have led to truly measurable improvements. At each appointment she has taken all of my concerns and “health clues” very seriously. Lindsay excels at using patient/clinician collaborative and research-based approaches to constructing her fine-tuned protocols. The results that Lindsay helped us obtain have been so valuable that I took the liberty of connecting her with my closest family and friends. I can confidently recommend Lindsay to anyone seeking nutrition focused root cause solutions.
— Katherine

I went to see Lindsay for one thing and through a simple test she ordered we discovered an important area to work on. No one had bothered to check that in my entire life. She’s a lifesaver! She really listens, which is such a rare trait today in the medical field. Thank you Lindsay. I have to say I’m on my way to being the healthiest I’ve been in years.
— John R.

When I find health practitioners to be part of my healing journey, I seek out people who have similar stories to my own. Lindsay’s personal experience coupled with her lifelong learning creates hope and encouragement to others. I have been fortunate to work with Lindsay in three different models. The first being nutritionally focused to help get more nutrients in my body. The second utilizing diagnostics to get to my root causes. The final model is helping me discover my personal health goals through Lindsay’s health coaching skills. In all of these working relationships, it is through Lindsay’s listening skills and solution focused attitude that have led to my optimistic healthy future.
— Amy G


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