Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

What could be possible for you if whole body health was your reality? Let's find out!

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I’m a functional nutritionist passionate about helping clients with Lyme disease and other environmental illnesses restore their energy, mental clarity, and gut health so they can feel their best and be fully engaged in their lives.

Unlike other approaches to Lyme disease and environmental illness that focus only on pharmaceutical treatment or on restrictive diets, I help my clients uncover the factors standing in the way of a full recovery and optimize their health from the ground up, using science-based functional nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

How We Can Work Together

  • Packages for clients with Lyme disease: What’s the best diet for Lyme disease? That’s a big question with a nuanced answer that depends on your unique health history, dietary history, and nutritional needs; the good news is that I can help you figure this out! In my one-on-one work with you, I’ll help you determine the optimal diet to aid your Lyme recovery process. I offer two functional nutrition packages for clients with Lyme disease, my comprehensive Thriving with Lyme Package and a smaller introductory Thriving with Lyme package. These packages create a structure and framework for us to work closely together on your health transformation! You can learn more about the details of these packages and pricing by submitting an inquiry on the Contact page of my website. Please note that I am only taking new one-on-one clients in the U.S. currently. 
  • Packages for Non-Lyme Clients: While I specialize and work with many clients who have Lyme disease, I also work with many clients who don’t have Lyme disease! My additional areas of expertise include gastrointestinal health, mast cell activation disorder (MCAD), mold illness/chronic inflammatory response syndrome (MCAS), and autoimmunity. My offering for clients without Lyme disease include my Comprehensive Health Transformation Package and a smaller Introductory Health Transformation package. You can learn more about the details of these packages and pricing by submitting an inquiry on the Contact page of my website. Please note that I am only taking new one-on-one clients in the U.S. currently. 
  • Follow-Up Packages for existing clients: After going through one of the nutrition packages that I offer, existing clients are invited to continue working with me in my practice via follow-up packages. These packages include three follow-up appointments each and can be used over the course of four months. 
  • The Lyme Recovery Monthly Meal Plan
  • subscription: This monthly meal plan subscription provides you with a gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, and delicious set of recipes in a meal plan format every month for 12 months. 
  • Life Beyond Lyme is my 8-week self-paced course specifically for individuals with Lyme disease and other tickborne illnesses. In this course, I will teach you powerful nutrition and lifestyle strategies that can help you reduce inflammation, build your resilience, and nourish your body to aid Lyme disease recovery. 
  • Lyme-Friendly Breakfast Recipes™: Want a small taste for how I work with clients? Meal planning and recipe development are two key components of my functional nutrition practice; you can get a taste of meal planning and recipe development in this recipe booklet! This beautiful downloadable PDF book with 18 gluten-free, dairy-free, nutrient-dense (and delicious!) recipes that can nourish your body, help you build resilience, and assist your Lyme healing process.

Lyme disease and chronic illness are not easy... I've been there myself!

Lyme disease and other environmental illnesses, including mold-induced illness/CIRS and chronic infections, are rapidly growing in prevalence. Approximately 400,000 people are newly diagnosed with Lyme disease annually, and recent estimates suggest that up to 50% of buildings and homes in the U.S. are water damaged, creating a toxic environment that can cause severe illness. I’ve been on my own journey with Lyme disease and mold illness; I know fully how painful, frustrating, and exhausting it can be navigating these conditions. I first began to struggle with the symptoms of Lyme disease and mold illness in my late teens; I ultimately had to withdraw from college a whopping six times just during undergraduate school due to cyclical brain fog and mental health issues so severe that I couldn’t remember basic words or get out of bed. I also struggled with debilitating gut issues, chronic fatigue, and food sensitivities that limited my food intake so significantly that at one point, I was down to just 5 foods I could eat. The struggle was real.

Today, I am happy to say that I’m a healthy, fully-functioning human being no longer debilitated by the Lyme and mold symptoms that plagued me for years. Strategic, powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes were fundamental to my recovery. Since recovering my health, my life has transformed into one I could previously only have dreamed of when I was in the thick of my health struggles! Since recovering my health, I have finished my Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, acquired both my CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) and LDN (Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist) licenses, met my soul mate, adopted an amazing dog, bought a house in my dream location, wrote a book, launched a successful business, have summited numerous mountains, and began to run trail half-marathons. Once health became my reality, it seemed that anything was possible!

The hidden gift within my own journey with Lyme disease and mold illness has been the passion I’ve discovered for helping my clients recover from these unique, complex health conditions through powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes, most of which I have utilized myself!

My functional nutrition practice is informed by a combination of cutting-edge science and ancestral health wisdom. I use the following modalities to help clients:

  • Personalized nutrition plans, including meal plans
  • Stool testing and gut healing protocols
  • Environmental toxins testing and detoxification protocols
  • Micronutrient testing
  • Blood sugar regulation protocols
  • Hormone balance protocols
  • Sleep and stress management recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations

My Clinical Nutrition Services

I am currently accepting new clients in the United States only. Are you located in the U.S. and interested in becoming a client? Schedule a complimentary 20-minute functional nutrition discovery call with me below to learn more about my unique approach and how I can help you.


Do you take insurance?

Many prospective clients wonder whether I take insurance. Because insurance regulations vary from state to state and I see clients across the country, I do not take insurance. However, I am happy to provide you with a superbill that you can submit to their insurance provider. If you have an HSA, you may use your HSA to purchase supplements through my supplement provider, Fullscript.

How do you work with clients?

Currently, my nutrition practice is exclusively telehealth-based, which means I see clients through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software.

What is the difference between CNS and an RD?

While the credentials RD (Registered Dietitian) and CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) both signify nutrition expertise, there are important differences between the two.

As of 2019, registered dietitians are NOT required to have a Master’s degree. While many RD’s later go on to obtain a Master’s degree, it is not a requirement. Conversely, Certified Nutrition Specialists must have a Master’s degree. My Master’s degree is in Human Nutrition. In graduate school, I went through over two years of nutrition-specific graduate training and a 1000-hour CNS internship. These experiences have truly refined my nutrition knowledge base.

Another important difference is that many, but not all, Registered Dietitians follow conventional nutrition guidelines. Certified Nutrition Specialists, on the other hand, are trained from a functional medicine and nutrition perspective.

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