Is a Dietary Sulfur Sensitivity Contributing to Your Health Issues?

Sulfur-containing vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts offer numerous health benefits, but can trigger inflammatory symptoms in people with dietary sulfur sensitivity.

In my clinical practice, I see clients with all sorts of food sensitivities. However, by far the most challenging food sensitivity I’ve run into is dietary sulfur sensitivity. Dietary sulfur is found in cruciferous vegetables, Allium family vegetables, animal proteins, and legumes, just to name a few sources. It is crucial for supporting glutathione production and facilitating phase II liver detoxification, among many other processes. However, in certain people, the consumption of sulfur-containing foods triggers disconcerting symptoms, rather than supporting well being. Read on to learn about dietary sulfur sensitivity and how a short-term low-sulfur diet may be beneficial for easing symptoms.


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