My Favorite Low-Mold Food Brands


  1. Hu Chocolate

  2. Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee and Kion Coffee

  3. Siete Foods

  4. Barney Butter

  5. Barnana Banana Bites and Plantain Chips

  6. Wilderness Family Naturals Nuts and Seeds


Embarking on a low-mold diet can be intimidating since many of the mainstay foods in the Standard American Diet (grains, coffee, chocolate) contain mold and mycotoxins. Over the years, I’ve curated a list of food brands that I’ve personally found to be compliant with a low-mold diet. I intend to update this list regularly as I discover more foods that are low-mold friendly.

Hu Chocolate

Chocolate tends to be high in mold and mycotoxins due to warm, humid growing and storage conditions. I’ve tested many brands of chocolate, trying to find a brand that doesn’t trigger mold illness symptoms. Hu chocolate is the best brand I’ve found so far! My favorite is their Salty Dark Chocolate. All Hu chocolate is organic, fair-trade, Paleo, and gluten-free!

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee and Kion Coffee

Coffee beans also tend to harbor mold and mycotoxins due to the warm, humid climates in which they are grown and stored before arriving in your grocery store. Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee and Kion Coffee are meticulously tested for mold and mycotoxins. I’ve found both brands taste superior to standard coffee and do not trigger the histamine response I normally experience upon eating mold-containing foods.

Siete Foods

Love tortillas and tortilla chips but worried about the presence of mold and mycotoxin problems in corn? Siete tortillas and chips are a great, grain-free alternative made from cassava flour, coconut and almond flour, and chia seeds. I order Siete chips from Thrive Market because they are cheaper there than at Whole Foods and other health food stores.

Thrive Market

Barney Butter

Nuts and nut butter are notorious source of mold and mycotoxins. I’ve found Barney Butter to be super clean, not to mention it is guaranteed to be free of peanut cross-contamination. Peanuts are a food you definitely want to avoid if you are mold-sensitive due to their propensity to harbor aflatoxin, a hepatoxic and genotoxic mycotoxin. (1) My favorite is Barney Butter Bare Smooth because it contains no added sugars.

Barnana Banana Bites and Plantain Chips

I typically recommend that my mold-sensitive clients eat a diet low in grains, due to their tendency to contain mold and mycotoxins. Instead, I advise them to eat a Paleo-style diet in which starchy vegetables and fruits comprise the primary sources of carbohydrates. Plantains and bananas are excellent source of Paleo-friendly carbs and (when eaten in moderation) are a nutritious part of a low-mold diet. Barnana’s banana bites and plantain chips are great low-mold snacks to have on hand.

Wilderness Family Naturals Nuts and Seeds

Wilderness Family Naturals is one of the only companies out there that offers pre-soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds. Pre-soaking nuts and seeds reduces their anti-nutrient content, making their vitamins and minerals more bioavailable.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase any products through these links, I will receive a very small commission. The commission helps support my blogging activities so that I can continue to bring you useful health and nutrition information!

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