Do You Know the Role Nutrition Plays in Your Chronic Health Issues? Find True Healing with Personalized, Science-Backed Nutritional Support!

Nutrition plays a powerful role in healing from chronic illness.

Reclaim your health with personalized nutrition support!

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"Lindsay was a functional nutritionist at two of my clinics, California Center for Functional Medicine and Adapt180 Health, for many years. The nutrition support she offered our patients was instrumental in their care. Lindsay is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced functional nutritionists I've ever worked with, and I can't recommend her enough!"
Chris Kresser
Integrative Medicine Practitioner

My clients enjoy real results:

“Learning about our bodies’ health and wellness is always a journey. Add in Lyme Disease, the following treatment(s), and a lifetime of disordered eating and you have the perfect storm for being completely and totally unwell. In the past 3ish months, Lindsay has helped me learn about what I put into my body, how to have a healthy relationship with food, and the intricacies of how everything works together. My mind is more science oriented, so being able to break things down to how certain nutrients work and why we need them has been very helpful. Lindsay has been so kind and always responds in a thoughtful way with a ton of resources at hand. When I first started my Lyme treatment, I would say I was feeling about 50% better. Now, with Lindsay’s help, I feel more like 95%. I cannot recommend Lindsay and Ascent to Health enough!”


– Amy

“If I could give Lindsay 10 stars, I would! She is knowledgeable, responsive, thorough, and beyond competent. She has helped me improve my health through diet and selected supplements. Lindsay is uniquely qualified to help Lyme suffers as she has experienced it herself. I unreservedly recommend Lindsay Christensen to anyone who would like to feel better.”


– Kathy

“Lindsay is a wealth of knowledge about all things clinical nutrition and knows the fine details of treatments for issues I have been facing. I took one of her courses on nutritional support for chronic Lyme Disease and learned so much. After having several issues with practitioners who made vague suggestions about nutrition, and realizing that many of the things I was eating could be contributing to my various symptoms, I reached out to have her help me one on one. What a great decision! She has treated me with compassion and care, and is very accessible, making it easy to ask her questions, and knowing she will respond in a timely manner. Her guidance with nutrition and her treatment plan (nutrition and meal plans, supplement recommendations, various tests to determine or rule out issues, and resource recommendations) have given me one of the biggest health boosts since starting treatment for Lyme, mold and candida over two years ago… I’m so grateful for her expertise on this healing journey I have been on!”


– Faye

Are you tired of spending money on healthcare for your chronic health issues and not seeing any real results? It’s time for a new approach… 

(And don’t make the mistake of waiting to address your nutrition until after you’re “done” with your Lyme, mold, or gut treatment!)

With science-based nutritional support, you can:

  • Accelerate your recovery process from chronic health issues
  • Reduce side effects of treatment
  • And begin to feel better immediately!
Welcome to Ascent to Health! My name is Lindsay Christensen, and I’m a functional nutritionist specializing in nutrition care for individuals with Lyme disease, mold illness, and gut issues. I used powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes to heal my own chronic illness, and now help my clients do the same! I have my B.S. in Biomedical Science and my M.S. in Human Nutrition and am a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. 
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As a functional nutritionist specializing in personalized nutrition, I have the tools to help you optimize your health!

My unique approach to nutrition is based on ancestral health principles, the rhythms of nature, and the most cutting-edge scientific research. Plus, I have personal experience with gut issues, food sensitivities, mold illness, and Lyme disease, and the incredible healing that comes from this approach!”

(I never offer vague, one-size-fits-all recommendations… I specialize in personalized, close 1:1 support!)

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