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My clients enjoy real results:

“After years of seeing all sorts of specialists (doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists) that could not seem to REALLY help me for Mold Related Illness/MCAS I found Lindsay and boy was that a lifesaver! I am happy to say I have stopped losing weight and I feel A LOT better a lot of the time! Lindsay has restored both my health and my hope!”


– Rachel

“I have struggled with sleep for much of my life and I can honestly say, for the first time in 40 years, I am now sleeping deeply and through the night! I am so excited to see how my life will transform from here and owe much of this to Lindsay’s advice. Thank you so much Lindsay!”


– Laura

“Our two-year-old son has a very persistent case of SIBO-C. Before working with Lindsay, we were turned away by several providers who did not see children that were so young. Lindsay confidently took us on and has helped guide interventions that have led to truly measurable improvements!”


– Katherine

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